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Future force

The change of government in May 2018 provides a rare opportunity for Malaysia to revisit some old assumptions and make new ones to move forward. One of the earliest major decisions that will have huge long-term impact by Defence Minister Mat Sabu was to commit the new government to present a Defence White Paper to chart the future.

For a compassionate and caring capitalism

For a generation or even two since the ascendance of neoliberalism in the 1980s, the world has very much been conditioned to think that weak states with no regulation, low taxes, free...

The future of federalism

How do we arrange and re-arrange the institutions of our three-tier government – federal, state and local governments – will remain an important subject for Malaysia for the years to come with...

Changing Thinking Habits to Make Our Cities Resilient

We should therefore think of building decent public and private housing in the inner city for young people to rent. Seriously, not everyone needs to own a house. But everyone does need shelter.

On the urgent need to deepen Malaysia’s understanding of contemporary China and China’s understanding...

To get the policy mix right at all time, just as Malaysia needs to study China more, China needs to study Southeast Asians more too.

DAP’s challenges in New Malaysia

To have a strong and credible government, it is important that the parties in the ruling coalition are stable, disciplined and purposeful. It is with this objective in mind...

The Defence White Paper: Preparing for Future Defence Challenges

Speech by Deputy Defence Minister, Liew Chin Tong at The Defence White Paper Workshop on 8th March 2019 This is the first in a series of several workshops to be...

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